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sling shot

Getting a little rowdy by disregarding the normalcy of the crowd can be seen by God as great faith.  When God can see our faith, extraordinary results often follow.

During his ministry, Jesus did not just slip quietly into the stream of the crowd and settle. That’s because he knew that being content with the status-quo would not change the world.  “In order to change the culture, Jesus knew he had to shake the culture.”

Jesus used the resources he had (miracles) to disrupt the crowds. He knew and taught us, that nothing changes unless something is disrupted. That includes human hearts, families, businesses, and churches.  In order to change the culture, Jesus knew he had to shake the culture. For good and for bad, our culture has been shaped this way for thousands of years.

His heart was love, but his purpose was to change lives.

Because of his deep love for the people he was ministering to, Jesus was willing to do whatever was necessary to get the attention of the crowd.  And what better way for him to shake the crowd than to do miracles. The miracles of Jesus were never just about helping any one person, they were about getting the attention of the crowd so that his message would stick.

The miracles of Jesus were about shaking the norm, in order to reveal the better.

Shaking the norm was Jesus’ specialty. One day a large crowd was following him as he walked along a road. Suddenly two blind men called out to him, “Jesus have mercy on us!” As soon as the blind men spoke the crowd following Jesus told them to be quiet, but the blind men shouted even louder! Jesus heard them and stopped. It was time to get a little rowdy and shake up the crowd! Jesus knew what the blind men wanted, they wanted what every blind person wants, to see. But Jesus also wanted to teach the crowd that was there, and us, that faith sometimes has to be extra bold.  So he asked them, “What do you want?” “We want our sight!” they replied.

In one of the most famous acts of love in the history of the world, Jesus walks over to the blind men, touches their broken blind eyes, and they are instantly healed.

His decision to get rowdy and use the gifts he had in a bold way, changed the blind men and curious crowd into devoted followers. And it taught us that getting a little rowdy with our faith and shaking things up can actually change the world!

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