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Hands crossed in prayer

Prayer that moves the hand of God is hard work. 

To relate this to everyday life, we could say that God is very busy and it takes a lot to get his attention. Although we know that God loves us deeply, the Bible confirms that the more passionate and committed we are about communicating with him, the more likely he is to respond to our prayers in tangible ways.

Have you noticed God’s movement in your life lately?  How’s your prayer life?

Daniel 9:3 – “So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition

Things unraveling?  How’s your prayer life.

Still waiting for that miracle you’ve been waiting on for years?  How… is… your… prayer… life?

The bottom line is that we can all ratchet up our prayer life another notch.  We can all pray – better.


  • Be consistent.  We we pray an occasional prayer, it shows our Father (who is as crazy about us as we are about our kids & family) it shows him that we really don’t care. It’s okay to start with 2-minutes of prayer a day. But start, and be consistent.
  • Be all there.  You can’t stop the world from moving all around you, but you can stop you. Take a moment to kneel, fold your hands, and pray.
  • Believe.  Jesus is the proof that God loves you. Talk to Jesus in prayer and thank your loving Father for sharing his beloved son with the world.

NEXT STEPS:  Take your prayer life deeper, click this link to check out the book Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God by Timothy Keller (published November 4, 2014)