The Story Behind Our Story
Something dramatic has changed. Not long ago most families in America attended a local church. Now it’s estimated by the Hartford Institute of Religion Research that less than 20% of people in America today are actually in church each week.

The Question That Motivates Us
At Studio we’re motivated by this question: “If so many people are not attending any local church, then how do we as the Church introduce them to God’s amazing grace and love found in Jesus?” How do we as the Church stay true to our mission to “Go into all the world” and reach these people that God so loves?

Using innovation & Technology to Reach New People
Studio is leveraging the power of the Internet and digital technologies to create the first crowdsourced church outreach event designed to connect with people in the community who do not attend any church. 

Increasing Quantity & Quality Through Crowdsourcing
We’re creating the first church outreach event that will utilize the power of crowdsourcing to create quality content for our events, something that has not even been possible until now. By leveraging the power of the Internet and digital technologies, Studio’s creative team will include talented people from the local community and from around the world.

Extending Our Reach
Studio’s outreach strategy includes repurposing the content we create for our local events and turning it into micro content for our social media channels, extending our reach around the world.

Studio’s Community-Wide Outreach Church Service
Studio’s Community-Wide Outreach Church Service events will be carefully designed to connect with today’s fast moving, highly social, media rich world.

  • A Bridge to the Community
    Studio’s community-wide outreach events are designed to create a bridge between the church and the community and serve as a front door to the Church and to Jesus.
  • Helping People Take Their Next Spiritual Step
    Studio’s community-wide outreach events will introduce and re-introduce people to the local church, helping them take their next spiritual step, no matter where they are with God.
  • Creative – So the World Understands 
    Studio’s community-wide outreach church service events will be designed to speak in the language of our culture so that people who have never attended a church, can relate to the message. At Studio we believe that the right content – delivered in the right way – can open eyes and hearts to God’s amazing grace & love found in Jesus. Studio’s outreach events will also be a place where creative Christians can discover, develop, and deploy their talents to help reach new people for Christ.
  • Original Content Produced by Our Team
    Studio’s original content in our events will be relevant to today and a reflection of real life, helping people relate and see their need for a Savior. The video below is a reality-tv style clip that illustrates a couple on the brink of divorce. We have found when people see a slice from their own life, it helps create positive change.

Hi, I’m Barry Whitlow – Founder/Minister at Studio Church & the Community Church Service.

Over the past twenty years I’ve had a number of professions, but I’ve really had only one job – helping churches use technology and the Internet to accomplish their mission. Through the years I’ve been honored to have served churches as a pastor, large church staff pastor, media director, video producer, social media specialist, and website designer.

A few things about me. I’m husband to my amazing wife Dana, and have six amazing children that I adore (final score: Girls-4, Boys-2). I worked as a stuntman on two movies, was a pit crew member on a NASCAR Cup team, and owned a seafood restaurant that according to our customers served the world’s best calabash shrimp!

One of my greatest joys is seeing new people discover for the first time, God’s amazing grace and love found in Jesus.


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