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To me, living in this world is much like the movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. If you did not see the movie, it was set around a toy store that became magical IF you believed. Walking outside and looking around at God's amazing creation is the same. It's...

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Knowing God Starts With Seeing

God's redeeming love always starts at the same place, with our seeing him. Whether through a gentle nudge or a massive smack, when the eyes of our heart meet his, our journey into his loving arms begins. "Two blind men shouted to Jesus. 'What do you want?' Jesus asked...

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The Power Of Your Outstretch Hand

Jesus told the crippled man to "stretch out your hand" and when he did, he was healed and restored. Since then, millions more have expressed their need to Jesus through outstretch hands, and they too have been healed and restored. Whether in worship during church,...

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How To Have Rest From Stress

Jesus came to bring rest from stress... but only to those who actively "seek" him. Knowing Jesus and seeking Jesus, are two different things. We seek Jesus by turning the focus of our mind towards him. Prayer, reading the Bible or a devotion, and listening to...

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The Hard Work Of Prayer

Prayer that moves the hand of God is hard work.  To relate this to everyday life, we could say that God is very busy and it takes a lot to get his attention. Although we know that God loves us deeply, the Bible confirms that the more passionate and committed we are...

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