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An Online Church being designed just for the Internet


Church. Online.

The first online church plant, being designed just for the Internet.

We’re launching a new church not in a building, but rather online, designed just for the Internet, and today’s highly connected, highly social, media rich world. The world is online, and Studio is launching a new online church to meet them there!


Something dramatic has changed. Not long ago most families in America attended a local church. It’s estimated by the Hartford Institute of Religion Research that less than 20% of people in America today are actually in church each week, and this was before Covid. To address this growing need, we’re launching the first online church plant that will be designed just for the Internet.


At Studio we’re motivated by this simple question: “If so many people are not attending any local church, then how do we as the Church, introduce them to God’s amazing grace and love found in Jesus?” How do we, as the Church, stay true to our mission to “Go into all the world” and reach these people that God so loves?


Our vision is to innovate how church is done online by leveraging the power of the Internet and digital technologies.

Studio will be the FIRST online church designed just for the internet
We’re planting the first online church that will be designed just for the Internet. By focusing our efforts online, we believe we’ll be able to reach new people with God’s amazing grace & love found in Jesus.

Studio will be the FIRST crowdsourced church
We’re creating the first church that will use the power of online crowdsourcing to create a high quality church, online, something that has not even been possible until now. Using technology and the Internet, we’ll be able to gather our ministry teams from anywhere in the United States, and from all over the world. For example, our worship leader may live in Colorado, our social media pastor in Florida, and our discipleship pastor in Australia. By tapping into the power of online crowdsourcing, by way of technology and the Internet, we’ll have a large selection of talented staff & volunteers that can be involved.

Studio will create the FIRST crowdsourced church service
Studio’s online church service will be different by design. Although many churches post their services online, Studio’s church service will go where no online church service has gone before! Built from the ground up, Studio will fully utilize today’s internet and digital technologies to create a church service that is truly like no other. Each Studio service will be unique, unpredictable, and filled with creative elements that are produced locally, and globally, from all over the world. Studio’s creative team will include people from around the world with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and talents.

Studio will extend our reach through social media
Studio’s outreach strategy includes repurposing the content used for our online church services, and turning it into micro content for use on our social media channels, extending our reach here in the US, and around the world.


Creative – so today’s  world understands 
Studio’s online church service will be designed to speak in the language of today so that people who have never attended a church, can relate to the message. At Studio we believe that the right online content – delivered in the right way – can open the eyes and hearts of people who have never been to church, to God’s amazing grace & love found in Jesus. Studio will also be a place where creative Christians can discover, develop, and deploy their talents to help reach new people for Christ.




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Dedicated to reaching new people with God’s amazing grace & love!

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