Studio Church

The 1st online church plant

featuring a like no other online church service

Studio is working to start the 1st online church plant

that features a like no other online church service.

Studio Church is not focusing on launching a new church plant in a building, but rather creating an innovative online church plant featuring a like no other online church service. Studio’s online church service will be the 1st crowd-sourced church service that features content gathered and produced by people from all over the United States and the world.

As more and more of the world turns its attention to online,

we’re working to meet them there!

Crowd-Sourced Church Service

Studio’s online church service will be different by design. Although many churches post their services online, Studio’s church service will go where no online church service has gone before! Built from the ground up, Studio will fully utilize today’s internet and digital technologies to create a church service that is truly like no other. Each Studio service will be unique, unpredictable, and filled with creative elements that are produced locally, and gathered from all over the world. Studio’s creative team will include people from around the world with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and talents.

Studio Producers Group
Through the Studio Producers Group creative Christians will not only have a place to develop their gifts, but they will also have an opportunity to make a difference through contributing to the creation of Studio’s online church service.

Follow-Up & Growth

Studio will provide quality resources for people who attend our services. Whether someone has a spiritual need, or wants to discover how to take their next step with God, our Follow-Up & Spiritual Growth Track will be there to help.

The Story Behind Our Story


IN OUR COMMUNITY like in most communities in America, neighborhoods are filled with families raising children and doing life.

Over the last 30 years something very dramatic has happened to the American neighborhood. Almost without exception, the families in these neighborhoods today all have one thing in common. And that is they are all connected – not to one another – but to the Internet.

But unlike 30 years ago, most of the families in these neighborhoods are NOT connected – to any church.

It’s estimated that 80% of the people living in America today, do not attend any church. According to the Hartford Institute of Religion Research, less than 20% of people in America are actually in church each week.

Yet almost 100% of them, will go online every… single… day.


The startlingly simple question that motivates us


At Studio we’re motivated by this simple question: “If so many people are not coming to church buildings, then how do we as the Church introduce them to God’s amazing grace and love found in Jesus, and help them grow in their faith?”

How do we as the Church, stay true to our mission to “Go into all the world” and reach these people that God so loves?


At Studio Church we believe – if there are so many people not going to church buildings,
then we have the responsibility to take the church – to them.


The mission of Studio Church is to take the church to them. As more and more of the world turns its attention to online, we’re working hard to meet them there!

Our focus is not on launching a new church plant in a building, but rather on creating the 1st online church that has a powerful church service designed just for the Internet.

Studio’s church service will be built from the ground up and go where no online church service has gone before! Although many churches post their services online, our church services will include content produced by creative Christians locally and globally from around the world, and our creative team will be dedicated to inventing the future of the online church service.

And when it comes to meeting the spiritual needs of those that attend our online services, we have that covered too through the development of our online follow-up ministry & Studio’s Growth Track.


The vision of Studio Church is bold and custom designed – for a time like this.


We have the passion, we have the knowledge, but what we don’t have that we must have in order to accomplish our mission – is you!

Like any new church just getting started, Studio needs lots of prayers & support.

There are two ways that you can get involved, and it would be so encouraging to our work here if you would do BOTH:

  1. SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER.  When you enter your email address below, we’ll add you to our growing list of people that receive Studio Church updates and our monthly newsletter that is filled with encouragement and all the latest happenings at Studio.

  2. MAKE A DONATION. When you make a donation to this new church, you will be adding encouragement and fuel to the Studio vision. Your donation is what allows us to keep working and stay focused on the development of Studio Church. To make a donation simply click on the Fuel Gauge below. It’s really easy to make a donation, and only takes a few minutes. We use the same high quality online giving service used by some of the largest churches in America – so you can be sure that you’re giving information will remain safe and secure.

At Studio, we’re setting sail on a great adventure to reach more people with God’s amazing grace and love found in Jesus.

The world is online, and Studio Church is headed there.

We’d love to have you join us!

Barry Whitlow
Founder, Pastor-Producer



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