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According to the Hartford Institute of Religion Research, less than 20% of people in America today are actually in church each week, and yet almost 100% of these same people, are online.

At Studio we’re motivated by this simple question: “If so many people are not attending any local church, then how do we, as the Church, introduce them to God’s amazing grace and love found in Jesus?” How do we as the Church, stay true to our mission to “Go into all the world” and reach these people that God so loves?

Studio is Going Where No Church Has Gone Before!

In order to reach people who do not attend any church we’re launching a new church that is being built from the ground up that is designed to connect with people in today’s fast moving, media rich, highly social world. Studio will use today’s Internet and digital technologies to create church service events designed for today’s connected world.

Creating A Front Door to the Community

We’ve learned that to reach people in today’s connected world you need to do two things very well. You need to have the right content – so that people who do not attend any church – can relate to it. And you have to have the right online and social media strategy, a strategy that does not just create likes, but one that creates engagement with those you are trying to reach. For that reason we’ve worked hard at Studio Church to create an innovative strategy and style that is designed specifically for people who do not attend any church. We’ve also worked hard to make sure that even though our ministry strategy & style will be innovative and different, that we stay true to our core value of teaching people Biblical truth, and helping lead them to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

At Studio Church our vision is to fully use the technology and communication tools available today, to create a local & online church service that includes content from all around the world that is fresh, relevant, and designed to help us communicate God’s love & His truth from the Bible to a media rich, highly connected world that is in desperate need of God’s love.

A New Kind of Church Service

The FIRST way the Studio Church strategy & style will be different in order to reach people who do not attend any church, is we’re developing an innovative Community-Wide outreach Church Service. This like no other monthly outreach church service, along with our weekly small groups will serve as our “Points Of Connection” and front door to our local community.

Studio’s outreach Community-Wide Outreach Church Service event and our online church services designed just for the Internet will serve as a front door where new people who attend no church on Sunday, can be introduced to God’s amazing grace and love found in Jesus.

Studio is leveraging the power of Internet and digital technologies to bring together a team of creative people from around the world to create like no other church services. Each Studio service (online and local) will be unique, unpredictable, and filled with the same creative elements that people are used to seeing every day.

Each month, our Community-wide Church Services will be unique and unpredictable, and will go where no church service has gone before. And, each month we’ll use the amazing power of social media to promote our services, and build a bridge to our community.

Each of our monthly community-wide outreach church services will have the anticipation of a concert, and utilize the most powerful communication tools on the planet to attract a crowd, and communicate God’s love to them.

And most importantly, each outreach event will be specifically designed so that people who do not attend any church can easily “come & see” and then be given the next steps to grow in their faith.

An Online Church Service – Just for the Internet

The SECOND way the Studio Church strategy & style will be different is we’re developing an innovative online church service that is designed – just – for the internet.

Up until now – online church services have been either a live stream, or a re-broadcast of a Sunday service. At Studio we’re taking a different approach. Because our online church service is just for the Internet, we’ll have greater flexibility to use a wide variety of content to reach people online, that we could not use in a Sunday church service.

America’s 1st Crowd-Sourced Church Service

And the THIRD way that the Studio Church strategy & style will be different is… our local & online church services will be the “first” crowd-sourced church services, something that has not even been possible – until now.

To be effective in our local and online mission of reaching new people that do not attend any church for Christ, we know that in our media rich – highly connected world – having the right content – is going to make all the difference.

Studio’s crowd-sourced church services will fully utilize the power of the Internet and digital technologies to “invite” other creative Christians, locally and from all around the world, to take part in creating amazing original content for our local, and online, church services.

This crowd-sourced strategy – will provide Studio Church with enough content, and the right content, that we need to communicate to, and reach, new people with God’s amazing grace and love in today’s highly connected, highly social, media-rich world.

Testimonies, Drama, Humor, Video, and Lots More!

America’s Got Talent – And So Does The Church!Audience_Laughing-2_364x229
God’s church is filled with the most talented people on earth. That’s why we’re creating a place where talented Christians can help reach others with God’s amazing grace and love. Studio’s online and local Church Services Like No Other were born out of a vision where many people from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and talents could come together to do something innovative that’s relevant to today’s culture.  Each Studio event will be unique, unpredictable, and filled with creative elements that help the audience stay interested and tuned into the message.


Moving the greatest message on earth from the head – to the heart!
At Studio we understand that in our communication saturated world, it’s often not what we say, but how we say it. That’s why we’ll be very strategic in the type of content that we use.  Every Studio online and local service event will be calculated and designed to help move the most important message on earth (God’s Word) from the head – to the heart!  Our passion is to communicate God’s Word in a way that people who are not familiar with church can relate to, understand, and respond to.


Different – By Design New-Recipe-2
Our vision and passion is to provide new fresh original content that’s like no other and relevant to everyday life. We believe that the right content – delivered in the right way –  opens eyes and hearts to God’s amazing grace and love found in Jesus!

Inner-tainment… with a purpose”

  • A Like No Other Outreach Church Service Event – Studio’s like no other outreach church service events will go where no church service has gone before! More creativity means more people can be involved and reached!
  • Crowd-sourced Content From All Over the World Studio will create local & online church service events that include content that is produced by a variety of people from all over the world.
  • A Bridge to the Community & the World – Studio’s events are designed to create a bridge to the community and will serve as a front door to introducing new people to Jesus.
  • Video, Video, Did We Say Video! – Studio will include lots of video in its events that inspire, challenge, and help people get to know God better.
  • Drama – Studio’s original dramas will be written to reflect real life, helping people see their need for a Savior.
  • Testimonies from Our Community & Around the World – We believe that testimonies are one of the most underutilized forms of evangelism in the Church today. Studio will scout out testimonies locally and globally to use in our services.
  • Delivered-Fresh-2Unpredictability – When something is predictable, it’s easy to ignore!  At Studio, our services will be impossible to predict helping people stay tuned-in to the message.
  • Music Throughout – Music is one of the most powerful communication forms in our culture today. That’s why we’ll include music not just at the beginning and end of our events, but throughout the service.
  • Images & Photos – All Through the Service! – Still images are very powerful and can help move the human heart to action.
  • Current Events – People relate to that which is familiar, and so Studio will include familiar current events to stay fresh & relevant.
  • Inner-tainment – With A Purpose! Some of the most powerful messages on earth are packaged in entertainment and it has become one of the world’s most powerful communication tools. We’ll use entertainment as a presentation tool that helps present God’s Word in a way that people can relate to and respond to.



Now that you’ve had a chance to read a little about the Studio Church vision, and how we are planning to “Go into all the world” I would like to invite YOU to be part of this innovative new church that will make history on earth and in heaven, by leading many new people to saving faith in Christ. The fact is, we simply can not do this by ourselves. We need like-minded people like you who share our passion to reach new people with God’s amazing grace & love. We need people like you who will join hands with us by making a donation that will help launch this new church. At Studio Church, we have the experience and passion to lay it all on the line and work really hard, now all we need is YOU to invest financially in this new church so that together, we can take God’s amazing grace and love to new people that He so dearly loves. To make a donation, click on the DONATE button below or visit our DONATE page. THANK YOU!

Barry & the Studio Church Team

We produced this video to show one of the types of content that we’ll use in our local and online services. (*Please note: This video is not shot in HD, and is shot in reality TV style). At Studio we will use multimedia to portray what we call scenes from real life, designed to help people relate to the message. This Studio video features a couple who had just recently almost divorced, and because of that we were able to capture their real & authentic emotion to this real-life event. This type of dramatic video will help us apply God’s truths so that people who do not yet know Christ, will be able to see their need for a Savior and take their next steps with him.

About Barry Whitlow
Pastor-Producer, Studio Church

Hi, I’m Barry Whitlow, Founder, Pastor, and one of the producers at Studio Church. Over the past fifteen years I’ve had a number of professions, but I’ve really had only one job – helping churches use technology and the Internet to accomplish their mission.

Through the years, I’ve been honored to have served churches as a pastor, large church staff pastor, media director, video producer, social media specialist, website designer, and a church growth consultant.

I’m now taking what I have learned to launch an innovative new church that we call – Studio Church!

To get to know me and Studio Church better, check out the social links listed below:





Do you Studio?

Studio is leveraging the power of the Internet and digital technologies to bring together a team of talented people from around the world to create like no other local & online outreach church service events.


Studio is a church for today's connected world. With more & more people not attending church but online, Studio is going where no church has gone before!

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